Research has always been a passion of mine. I love to analyze and study the human behavior. The theory is that you can predict the future by analysing how an individual behaves. This is something businesses often do. Understanding your customer and their behaviour will help you tailor your business to their future needs. Business 101.

I was browsing the “Babble” feature of an online dating site when I saw an interesting discussion on fifa world cup 2022 Soccer category. I was surprised at how much this category is becoming so popular. It’s not a secret that many Americans hate soccer and refuse acknowledge its existence. These Americans seem content to live in a world where Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, and Football dominate. American sports is worth $70-Billion dollars and can feed any sports lover.

Before I started writing this article, I asked my male friend his opinion about Soccer and the fifa world cup 2022. He said that soccer is only for Sissies but that he would watch the World Cup. Professionally, it was a curiosity. Personally, I was confused. Why was everyone “Babbleing” about the World Cup on an online dating website. Was that their motivation? What were they really saying ?…? And why did my friend want to see “sissies playing soccer?” ?

Intrigued by the World Cup Babble thread, I decided to read it and gain some insights into the FIFA World Cup 2010 consumption habits of Americans. These are my observations.

WomenAmerican women have an unusual view of soccer. They show a genuine interest and are able to comprehend the game better than many American men. Women are not able tell you how many shots Team USA had against England (11 shots, 4 on target) or why USA advances with a win against Algeria. However, they can tell that Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, is a married man and family man, and that David Beckham, a metrosexual and “hot,” is from Texas. Women aren’t soccer fans; they love soccer players.

Men Ignorant and patriotic, it’s a winning combination. My Texas Male friend believes “soccer’ is only for sissies.” They don’t know soccer, they don’t love the sport and they don’t realize the importance of the World Cup for humanity. Men understand the meaning of passion and are patriotic to an extent. They also understand strategy, sport and skill. Men are sports enthusiasts, not soccer fans.


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