You may have encountered problems accessing certain social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Bebo at work or school. Your network administrator may block access to these websites using firewalls or other web filtering software. Many social networking sites are considered distracting and counter-productive. Most organizations block them.

How can you get around these network restrictions to surf blocked sites at school or work? A web proxies cheap is one solution. A web proxy acts as a gateway that connects you to the websites you desire. It would appear that you are visiting a website that has not been blocked by the firewalls or web filters.

You can use a web proxy by visiting a proxy website, entering the URL of the site that you wish to visit, and hitting return. The proxy server will retrieve the page and display the proxy contents like you were surfing the site.

A web proxy can be used to access your website. There is no need to install anything. There are limitations on what a proxy can do for functionality on the pages it is connecting to. Javacript is required for some websites, such as MySpace and Facebook. These sites can only be accessed through webproxies that have good Javascript support.

An experienced network administrator may be trying to block your access proxy websites. It may be necessary to search for new proxy sites that are not blocked. You can save time by signing up to proxy mailing lists. These lists will send you new proxy addresses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Google can be used to quickly search for web proxy listing websites.


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