Preparing for your wedding, skincare is an important part of your planning. It’s just as important as selecting the right venue or dress. All eyes will be on you and all your bridal party. So make sure you look great!

There are so many options that there are too many to choose from. A salon is a great place to start because you can speak to someone who is trained in skincare and will offer a wide range of products.

To maintain healthy skin, it is important to cleanse and tone your skin if you haven’t done so already. Avoid using soaps on your skin as they dry out the skin and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, use a milder option like a foaming cleanser or wipes to give your skin a quick clean.

You should also include daily moisturizing, even if you have oily skin. However, it is important to use a moisturiser with a mattifying effect. This can help reduce excess sebum production.

Exfoliate your skin the day before the big day to ensure a smooth base. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that stick to the skin and hinder your products’ ability to do their jobs. A smoother skin will make your makeup look better.
Makeup – Next, choose the perfect best makeup artist in bangalore.

Which colors should you choose and how long will they last?

As a professional makeup artist/beauty therapist, I recommend that you use one. Many brides have found this a tremendous help. You should have a trial so that you can see how the makeup will look on your big day. It is a good idea to choose a lighter base for older bridal party members, such as the mother-of-the-bride. This will avoid attracting attention to fine lines or matte eye shadows. You have the option to choose between matte or flawless makeup, as well as the dewy look, which will give you a natural, healthy appearance. It’s fun to have your makeup done on the big day. You feel confident and ready for the day.

You can take a makeup class if you want to learn the basics of makeup. These are just a few: Use a daker blusher with a tan color under your cheekbones to lift and make them look higher and more intense (I call it the cheekbone effect). For a more precise application, use a damp brush to apply eyeshadow. It has a flawless finish, doesn’t look caked or heavy and it also covers redness. This foundation is the best I’ve ever used as a makeup artist. This foundation is perfect for brides because it’s sweat-proof so even if you sweat all night, your skin will look flawless.

Book a makeup artist well in advance. Popular venues and other services book up quickly. It’s a great excuse for you to start a skincare regimen and have fun while preparing for your big day.

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