Today I was contemplating what gear should be included on a checklist of hiking gear for those who are just beginning to hike.

This is why I have created the following list to help you get your gear ready for a day of hiking.

Hiking Trousers or Hiking Shorts

You should wear hiking pants. It is always a good idea to be waterproof. I prefer ones that have air vents. This allows for better air circulation and helps keep my legs dry. Hiking trousers that can be detached from the bottom are my favorite so they can double as shorts.

Hiking Fleece

For cooler temperatures, a hiking fleece is a must. Under the right Waterproof hiking jacket, a good hiking fleece will keep your body dry and warm.

Base Layers

It is important to have enough base layers. Your skin is the first layer so you need breathability. You will need more layers the colder it gets. It is always a good idea to have an extra pair of layers on hand just in case.


You will likely be walking through water, snow, and marsh. Gaiters can be very useful to keep your boots and feet dry.

Hiking Hat

A woolen hat can be a great accessory for hiking in colder conditions. It can be worn under your waterproof jacket to keep your head warm. You can also wear a baseball cap or a beach-style hiking hat if the sun is beating down.

Hiking Gloves

These should be wind-resistant and waterproof. They should also allow for some movement in the hands to aid with grasping, opening, and so on.

Hiking Socks

Good socks are just as important as great boots. To avoid blisters and maximum comfort, it is worth investing in good hiking socks to match your boots.

Day and Technical Pack

A comfortable daypack is essential to transport your basic supplies and extra gear.

Hiking Boots and Shoes

It is crucial to have the right shoes for hiking. The right shoes or boots for your hiking conditions are essential. The boot or shoe must be comfortable and well-fitted. Before you take them on a hike, it is a good idea for them to be broken in at home. When breaking in a hiking boot, always wear your hiking socks!

Waterproof Hiking Jacket

It all depends on the climate, but it is almost certain that you will be hiking in rain. You need the right waterproof jacket. Many of the jackets are removable and can be worn all year.

Additional Hiking Clothing

Additional clothing is essential if you’re constantly changing weather and temperatures, which can be very common as you climb higher up the mountain. It’s always better to have more than you need.


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