There’s something more in Interior Design than home decorating. The opportunities for career advancement for graduates of the field of interior design are limitless.

As per the United States Department of Labor interior designers in mumbai employment is projected to increase 19 percent from 2006 to 2016 more than the average for all professions.

If you’re looking for an education that is hands-on, and using the most recent design software, which creates a variety of rewarding jobs This could be the ideal career choice for you. You can earn an Associate’s Degree of Science in Interior Design or an Interior Design & Decorating Associates degree, and begin your career in the field of:

Green Designer Green designers work alongside builders, choosing environmentally friendly materials that are made from renewable resources, and creating energy-efficient homes and buildings in Florida.

Healthcare Designer designing the interior design of doctor offices, hospitals medical clinics, facilities and hospitals. The job of a healthcare interior designer is to ensure that that the facility for medical care is constructed in compliance with the rules and regulations that govern the building and requirements for technical perform. A major function of an interior designer for medical facilities is to plan the clinic in a way that maximizes performance and increasing the profits.

Buyer or the Purchasing Agent is employed by big department stores, furniture and stores. The Buyer determines what items will be sold in the retail store. Professional Buyers go to events and exhibitions. They are a pioneer of the most recent trends.

Hotel or Service Design – working with resorts/hotels, sports stadiums and restaurants. The hospitality designer creates an attractive and practical place for people to congregate.

Designing Sets – working on television, exhibits set-ups, theater and movie sets. The set designer collaborates with the director and analyzes the script in order to choose the most appropriate design of the set. This includes deciding on pieces of furniture, wall and flooring, and other props to setting the desired atmosphere and the time frame that the director has specified in his script.

Design for Government Designing interiors of public buildings such as courthouses, jails, and training facilities. Designers who are specialized in public buildings focus on accessibility as well as operational designs. When designing the interiors of government buildings, the interior designers ensure that the accessibility of the building meets the requirements of those that are visually impaired or with low vision. The designer is also responsible for designing the building to meet the requirements of the services it offers.

Preservationist Working with historic structures and museums. A preservationist assists in the preservation the buildings, preserve and protect them and their materials that have historical importance.

Event Planner designing and decorating corporate events such as charity balls or large gatherings

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